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To provide residential care to impoverished and uncared children where they can be honed to become relevant members of the community through our educational, social and health development, and by leading them closer to Jesus Christ.


To build GALA shelters in Rizal and Metro Manila.


We aim to our fostered children to be educated adults with strong spiritual foundation and excellent social skills.
- We also aim to assist our children until they finish college through our scholarship program: and through our Family Care and After Care Programs where we can ensure that our exiting beneficiaries will still continue to have a dignified way of living.

Educational Development

Those who have been enrolled already are given regular allowance for their transportation and food. They can also enjoy tutorial services of an in-house teacher. We also shoulder all their educational expenses and ensure that they have access to computers and internet connection for their research and school projects.

Healthcare Development

A child's health status is assessed upon admission in GALA. If they are suffering from an illness, they will undergo medical treatment. Those who have been with us for more than a year are given regular check-ups. If a GALA kid needs outpatient treatments or has to be confined into a hospital, we cover all the medical expenses.

Social Development

We regularly expose our kids to different people, organizations, places and activities that will allow them to learn to be sociable and how to behave properly. We also let them do different outreach programs so they too will learn how to share their blessings.

Spiritual Enrichment

Since GALA Foundation is a faith based organization, we make sure that the kids know, worship and serve God. They regularly attend Sunday Worship Services in CCF Angono. The young kids are part of the Sunday School (NextGen Ministry) while the teeneagers join the Youth Ministry (Elevate). Some of the older kids also teach in Sunday School. On top of this, the House parents also conduct regular devotion.

Scholarship Program

Some of our beneficiaries are still living with their family or guardians but do not have enough money to cover educational expenses. GALA Foundation help these kids by giving allowances for their transportation and baon needs. We also provide for their school supplies. Some excelling students are given the privilege to borrow GALA owned laptops for an entire school year or until needed.

Family Care Program

We help GALA family members to find ways to earn income through trainings and livelihood programs. We can also help them find jobs by linking them to our partners and supporters. The Family Care program gives our beneficiaries a bigger chance to back to their families sooner especially if their family can already financially support their basic needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ministry started in 2007.  The SEC registration was completed in 2011.

Yes!  We currently maintain a Facebook account which show our activities. Please visit us at ‘GabaysaLandas’

In-house we are taking care of 21 kids and we have 13 scholars (stay-out).

Yes!  The kids go to a regular school everyday.  They take the tricycle going to and from the school.  We hope to do home schooling but it will entail a large cost on the registration and hiring of teachers.

Our GALA kids usually go to school in the morning.  When they return, they will either eat lunch of the afternoon snacks.  Then they start doing their assignments or review their lessons.  If there is still enough time, they can play within the GALA compound.  By 7pm, they have their dinner.  Light off is at 9pm.

During weekends, they clean the shelter, wash their clothes or attend various church activities.  They also regularly attend Sunday Worship Services.  A lot of our partners and supporters also come and visit us in the shelter where the kids get to experience 

We aim to help our kids until they finish the college education.  After they have graduated, we still let them stay in the shelter and assist them in their job application.  We provide for their food and transportation allowance and pay for the completion of their employment requirements. When they have already found a job, we still give them allowance for one month or until they are financially capable to stand on their own. 

Yes!  We would love for you to visit us so that you can encourage the kids also. We can schedule you just message us first on our Facebook page:  ‘GabaysaLandas’

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